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      Rejuvi Scar Aftercare Kit


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      Rejuvi Scar Aftercare Kit

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      Rejuvi has developed innovative aftercare products including Retinyl Serum (vitamin A complex), Conditioning Oil (union of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oil) and Scarcare Gel (unique potassium iodide). The treatment followed with multi-mechanism aftercare products provide a powerful, synergistic and expeditious effect for scar reduction which takes a few weeks to see good improvements. This technique does not have the drawback of scar regeneration. Can be used to treat all 3 scar types Flat Scar , Keloid Scar (hypertrophic Scar) ,Atropic Scar (Acne Scar). The same protocol can be used to treat stretch marks.


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        Rejuvi Scar Aftercare Kit

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