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      soothing cream
      • soothing cream

      Rejuvi h super soothing cream (10 ml.)


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      Rejuvi 'h' super soothing cream (10 ml.)

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      Speeds skin recovery and eases sensitivity.
      Rejuvi "h" combines aloe vera, summa and licorice extract to speed up skin recovery and diminish skin redness. It repairs and soothes sun/wind burn, extreme dryness and is perfect aftercare for tattooing and other aggressive treatments.
      Speeds Up Skin Recovery & Healing
      Repairs Skin Burn & Dryness
      Diminishes Erythema (Skin Redness)
      Contains Aloe Vera, Summa Extract & Licorice Extract
      Strengthens Water Resistance of Skin
      Perfect Aftercare for Tattooing, Laser, Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion


      Apply to skin several times a day. For maximum results cover area with a bandage.

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      Rejuvi h super soothing cream (10 ml.)

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