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    Silcare Hand Cream QUIN Protein Therapy (200ml)


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    Uniqe Milky Body Mist Protein Therapy will enable you to learn in a comfortable way about the beneficial effect of  proteins on your skin.

    In the products for body care they play a very important role - smoothen and moisturize the skin, giving it healthy glow and softness.


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    Uniqe Milky Body Mist regenerates and strengthens epidermis protective barrier and soothes irritations. 

    Ideal for people suffering from dry, irritated and lacking flexibility skin with a tendency for premature aging. 

    Additionally, it covers body with milky fragrance of Milky Vanilla and sweet, floral aroma of Milky Orchid.

    The gentle body mist formula assures immediate absorption and enables multiple application during the day. The body mist leaves on the skin a delicate vanilla aroma. 

    It works great in summer, but also in spring and winter time thanks to care elements and subtle floral- fruit fragrances.


    -Nourishes and smoothes

    -Regenerates and strengthens the protective barrier of epidermis

    -Soothes irritations

    Ingredients, which are present in the Milky Body Mist:

    Proteins - proteins present in the recipe are similar in the structure to protein structure of epidermis, which make them good in supplementing deficits; they elasticize the skin providing an effect of subtle lifting.

    Glycerin - binds water in the epidermis, moisturizes and protects against excessive skin drying, soothes, improves elasticity, facilitates absorption of other substances deep into the skin.

    Shea butter - contains 50 % of oleic acid (omega-9), moisturizes and smoothes, leaving the gentle protective layer on the skin. It supports regeneration of natural lipid layer; soothes and regenerates small injuries and abrasions of the skin. It protects against froze, wind and the Sun; hypoallergenic.  

    Almond Oil – it is a good moisturizer, contains antioxidants. It recommended for the dry, irritated and after sunbathing skin care. 

    How to use: Spray on the clean and dry body skin and massage till absorbed.

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    Silcare Hand Cream QUIN Protein Therapy (200ml)

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