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    Silcare Vitality Oil Avocado (11ml)


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    Due to high vitamin content, unsaturated fatty acids and other precious compounds, Vitality Oil Avocado is very valuable oil. This product has regenerating, anti-inflammatory and rebuilding properties. 

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    Silcare Vitality Oil Avocado can be used from head to foot, it’s suitable for body, face and hair care. Alleviates irritations, smoothes wrinkles and intensively moisturizes. 

    This product doesn’t contain colorants, preservatives and fragrances, it’s 100% natural. Vitality Oil Avocado can be used directly on skin and hair or as addition to homemade masks and drugstore beauty products. 

    Only a small amount of the product added to the favourite body lotion makes your skin more velvety and a poor hair conditioner enriched with the oil becomes a better product.

    Avocado Oil – contains a lot of vitamins (A, B, D, E, H. K, PP), a lot of unsaturated fatty acids (palmitoleic – 80%, linoleic, mirystic, oleic and palmitic acids) and other compounds like lecithin, histidine, phytosterols, avocadin. The oil has regenerating, anti-inflammatory, rebuilding properties and absorbs easily. Therefore, the skin is nourished and properly moisturized.

    Vitamin E – acts as antioxidant. Additionally, it improves the skin microcirculation, strengthen connective tissue, protects adipose tissue of the epidermis, fights against negative influence of free radicals.


    -regenerates very dry, cracked and damaged skin

    -helps to treat psoriasis and eczema

    -alleviates irritations, heals tiny skin damages on the surface

    -protects from negative influence of external factors

    -smoothes wrinkles

    -strengthens hair bulbs and moisturizes hair

    Way of use: Apply a small amount of oil and rub into hair, face and body skin or add to chosen cosmetic formulation.

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    Silcare Vitality Oil Avocado (11ml)

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