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      Silcare Affinity UV Ice Pink Gel For Nails (15g/30g)


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      AFFINITY is a medium dense, single phase gel which has an ideal adhesion to both the natural nail and to the tips. 


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      The color is characteristic because of reducing the color temperature by 20% by the use of azure blue UV filter. This also prevents from yellowing.

      The formula gels AFFINITY line has been enhanced with special features:

      -Thixotropy - increased by 20%

      -The increase adhesion - an increase of 60%

      -The stiffness of the polymer chains - increased by 40% through networking high polymers

      HOW TO USE: distribute the gel nail plate, curing in UV lamp with a power of 36 watts for 2 minutes.

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      Silcare Affinity UV Ice Pink Gel For Nails (15g/30g)

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