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    Silcare Base One Primer + Tea Tree Oil (15ml)


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    Base One Primer + Tea Tree Oil is a formula enriched with tea tree oil, intended for a natural nail plate and used during gel, hybrid and acrylic nail stylization. The primer is non-invasive for the nail plate, plus it’s free of irritating scent, so work with it is much more pleasant.

    Thanks to the innovative mixing technology - Active Ingredients Insertion Technology – oil substances have been added into the product without weakening the adhesive properties of the product.

    Free amino and hydroxyl groups were used in the primer to improve the effectiveness of hydrogen bonds’ creation, which assures perfect adhesion to hybrid, gel bases and acrylic mass.


    -enriched with tea tree oil formula

    -application of innovative Active Ingredients Insertion Technology

    -non-invasive for nail plate

    -free of irritating scent

    -prevents air bubbles and lifting of applied product

    -doesn’t contain methacrylic acid, doesn’t cause irritations and unpleasant burning sensation

    -intended mainly for hybrid manicure

    Use regularly – depending on stylization method, we recommend to repeat the application every three weeks.

    Way of use: Apply a thin layer with a brush on the nail plate and wait until dry (the sticky layer remains). 

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    Silcare Base One Primer + Tea Tree Oil (15ml)

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