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      Panthera Polar White Ink (30ml/150ml)


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      Panthera Polar White Ink (30ml/150ml)


      Polar White Ink is one of Panthera's new additions and is collecting great reviews across the country and around the World. The pigment is perfectly ground (New Molecular Technology) to create consistency in the ink that can not be described or beat and its ease of insertion into the skin is incredible. In addition, Cristal Solution has been added to enhance the ink in which reduces swelling and bleeding. After healing the inks white colour does not fade easily from direct sunlight or harmful elements which is a big problem using white inks. But like all tattoos you should keep sunblock or some other moisturser on your tattoo to protect it if going into the sun. If you are in the market to get a white tattoo ink than we highly urge you to try this .

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      Panthera Polar White Ink (30ml/150ml)

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