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      KWADRON OPTIMA PLUS Permanent Makeup Cartridges


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      PMU Optima cartridges from KWADRON have been specifically-designed to meet the demands of permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation artists, and now KWADRON has taken it one step further with the PLUS variants.


      Last time this product was bought: 09/26/2023

      The main difference between the KWADRON PMU Optima PLUS cartridges and its predecessors can be seen in the needle grouping. The PMU Optima PLUS cartridges have a new and different welding of needles: 6 needles in a circle that hold and strengthen a center needle for increased accuracy and precise pigment implantation.

      KWADRON PMU Optima PLUS cartridges are compatible with all PMU machines that accept universal, Cheyenne-type cartridges.

      KWADRON has a solid reputation for producing some of the best cartridges on the market using the highest quality materials available.
      This focus results in a needle that is flexible while remaining sharp and robust, allowing you to tattoo excellent crisp lines and subtle shading with minimal pain.
      Deposit is rapid and direct, reducing skin harm when it counts.
      Superior sharpness that never dulls will also be evident.

      Key Features:
      -Configuration: Round Liner
      -Diameter: 0.25-0.30 mm
      -Needle size: 1
      -Long Taper
      -Box of 20 cartridges
      -EO gas sterilised

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      KWADRON OPTIMA PLUS Permanent Makeup Cartridges