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      Mikrozid AF Jumbo wipes (refill 200 sheet/box)


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      Mikrozid AF Jumbo wipes (refill 200 sheet/box)

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      Mikrozid AF Jumbo wipes (refill 200 sheet/box)
      The disinfectant wipes Mikrozid AF wipes by Schülke are aldehyde-free, impregnated ready to use and have a broad and rapid effect on.

      Properties of disinfectant wipes
      ready for use
      soaked - alcoholic solution
      fast drying up
      very broad effect within a short time
      effective against bacteria (incl. Tb), fungi, hepatitis B virus, HIV, HCV, adenoviruses, noroviruses, rotaviruses, papovaviruses, polioviruses, vaccinia
      individually removable
      AF wipes refill =200 wipes

      Applications of disinfectant wipes
      for medical devices in all areas and all kinds of surfaces
      AF Jumb
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      Mikrozid AF Jumbo wipes (refill 200 sheet/box)

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