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      mikrozid liquid
      • mikrozid liquid

      Mikrozid AF Liquid (Surface Disinfectant, 250 ml. / 1l.)


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      Mikrozid AF Liquid (Surface Disinfectant, 250 ml. / 1l.). The Surface Disinfectant Schülke mikrozid® AF liquid is used for rapid disinfection of medical devices and surfaces with increased risk of infection.


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      The Surface Disinfectant Schülke mikrozid® AF liquid is used for rapid disinfection of medical devices and surfaces with increased risk of infection.

      Properties of surface disinfectant:

      Rapid disinfection;

      At increased risk of infection;

      With the requirement short exposure times;

      Ready-made solution;



      Wide effective within a short time;

      Quick, residue-free drying;

      Good wetting properties;

      Active against bacteria, mycobacteria (Tb.), Fungi, hepatitis B virus, HIV, HCV, adenoviruses, norovirus, rotaviruses, papovaviruses, polioviruses, vaccinia viruses.

      Applications of surface disinfectant:

      For rapid disinfection of medical devices (CE 0297) and all types of surfaces.

      Examination tables;

      Surfaces of medical devices;

      Readers of the company CCV (manufacturer of stationary and mobile readers for eHealth, for detecting the insured master data (eGK) and the electronic signature.

      Schülke – is one of the leader in the market in areas of infection prevention and hygiene. Comapny was founded in 1889 by Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr. Many years this company supply innovation and quality products to the market. All products made by Schülke company are safe to use and environmentally friendly. At the same time, products maintain high standards of customer and manufacturer. 

      Schülke mikrozid AF liquid is one of the most populer product which is produced by this company. Mikrozid liquid is disifectant based on alcohol. It can be used for invasive medical products. Alcohol based disifectant are widely used in all areas with increased risk of infections, also where people have short contact: patient nearby surfaces and treatment units, couches, operating tables and areas nearby it, medical equipment. Product has certificates of – VAH, IHO listing, OGHMP. This disinfectant is very active against bacterias, fungus, Hepatite B virus, HIV, HCV, noro and roto viruses, papovaviruses, polioviruses. Mikrozid desinfectant is very widely used and really effective antibacterial product. 

      Mikrozoid AF liquid advantages:

      - You buy already ready to use product and don’t need to mix anything;

      - When drying do not leave smears;

      - Good wetting properties;

      - No aldehydes used;

      - Very wide antibacterial activity and works in shortest possible time.

      Where I can use Mikrozoid AF liquid?

      - Disinfect medical devices and surfaces;

      - During patient treatment;

      - Couches and tables;

      Please note – do not use on devices, surfaces or items which are sensitive for alcohol. It might cause damages on the items after using alcohol based disinfectant. This is not final disinfectant for medical devices or items. 

      How to use Mikrozid liquid?

      Apply on surface or device quantity of product as needed. Make sure, that device or surface is wet. Then wipe it and allow to take effect. Please note, that all visible dirt should be removed before using Mikrozid product. When using Mikrozid disifection wear protective disposable gloves. Please, do not use this product for critical medical devices. For professional use only. Use this product safely and always read label which you can find on product bottle before use. Do not use for surfaces or items which are sensitive for alcohol. It might cause damages of devices and other items. Also, do not apply more than 50ml of the product in one m². 

      Package – we offer different types of packages for disinfection product: you can choose from 1 L bottle and 250 ml spray. 


      Contains: 100 g of product contains 25 g Ethanol (Ethanol percentage is 94%), 35 g Propan-1-ol. Product  is liquid and without any color. 

      Attention: Due to alcohol inside of the product keep away from heat and fire to avoid explosion. You have to follow „Disinfection Work in Health Care“ rules.

      In our internet shop you can find related products manufactured by Schülke: Mikrozid AF wiped, Mikrozid sensitive liquid, Schülke wipes. Each customer will find best solutions for desifencation. 

      In our online shop you can find many others products for your procedure. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support-we are more than happy to help you. 

      Have a nice shopping with us!

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      Mikrozid AF Liquid (Surface Disinfectant, 250 ml. / 1l.)

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