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      Skin Monarch Luxury Cartridge test set (20 pcs.)


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch Luxury Cartridge test set (20 pcs.)

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      Skin Monarch Luxury Cartridge

      Skin Monarch  academy presents highest premium quality  cartridge created for professional Masters for permanent make up and tattoo treatments.


      D type cap for all type shadings technique, more space for needle and better pigment flow

      R type cap for lining procedure, pixels, hair strokes, eyeliner, lip contour

      More performance: 

      -Clear color tip - better visibility

      -Perfectly tapered needles

      -With soft silicone finger grip

      -With innovation ink tank system

      -Needles made 316 medical grade stainless steel

      -100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged

      Set includes:

      1 x 1RL 0.18 D-cap   |   1 x 1RL 0.18 R-cap

      1 x 1RL 0.22 D-cap   |   1 x 1RL 0.22 R-cap

      1 x 1RL 0.25 D-cap   |   1 x 1RL 0.25 R-cap

      3 x 1RL 0.30 D-cap   |   3 x 1RL 0.30 R-cap

      2 x 3RL 0.18 D-cap   |   2 x 3RL 0.18 R-cap

      1 x 3RL 0.22 D-cap   |   1 x 3RL 0.22 R-cap

      1 x 3RL 0.25 D-cap   |   1 x 3RL 0.25 R-cap

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      Skin Monarch Luxury Cartridge test set (20 pcs.)

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