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    Nouveau Contour Fusion Line Lip Pigments (10ml)


    Nouveau contour
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    Fusion line pigments has no migration, bright colors and good pigment retention.


    The Fusion line combines organic and inorganic ingredients in an innovative pigment formula. 

    The advantage of the inorganic component is that the pigments remain very stable in the skin so there is just a minimum chance of migration.

    The organic component -free from iron oxides- ensures the clear color and good pigment retention. Color changes to gray or red are now a thing of the past. After healing, the colors are extremely soft and very natural. 

    Nouveau Contour Fusion pigments are ideal for the ombre technique with amazing results. 

    Lip pigments:

    Orange Juice

    Lady In Red

    Roses Are Red

    Raspberry Red


    Red Cherry

    Auburn Rose

    Spice It Up

    Ruby Red

    Soft Mocca

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    Nouveau Contour Fusion Line Lip Pigments (10ml)

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