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      Mrs Highbrows Lash Elevation Brush
      • Mrs Highbrows Lash Elevation Brush
      • Mrs Highbrows Lash Elevation Brush

      Mrs Highbrows Lash Elevation Brush


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      Brush tip made with soft, dense bristles that are gentle on natural lashes, but incredibly effective at separating and adhering each lash during the lifting process.
      Use this brush for a faster process, saving both time and money, and outstanding results, every time.

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      Lash Elevation Brush will be your new favorite, essential tool for professional lash lifting. The unique design features a short, flat tip that accurately separates the lashes with every stroke, as the bristles naturally conform to the hairs when brushing.
      This brush provides a gentler alternative to a plastic or metal tip, as it doesn't pull on the lashes roughly.
      -Super gentle on natural lashes.
      -Comfortable to work on any silicone lifting shields.
      -The Lash Elevation Brush makes excellent lash tension and separates them, with every lash type.
      -You'll save time, as the procedure will go much faster.
      -The Lash Elevation Brush is based on bristles that gently work with eyelashes without damaging them and is absolutely safe when working with the eyes.
      -Easy to clean: soak the brush with disinfectant for brushes.

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      Mrs Highbrows Lash Elevation Brush

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