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      Biotek Ingot PMU Machine Pen
      • Biotek Ingot PMU Machine Pen
      • Biotek Ingot PMU Machine Pen

      Biotek Ingot PMU Machine Pen


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      Ingot is the innovative universal machine pen for semi-permanent make-up produced by BIOTEK.

      ATTENTION: only compatible with original INGOT cartridges.


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      Is equipped with an exclusive technology patented by BIOTEK that allows your needle to communicate with the machine pen, guaranteeing a stability and fluidity never seen before.

      The needle does not vibrate! so precise that it will be child's play to make a very thin coat.

      Precise and delicate, it is the perfect tool for performing extreme precision treatments on the face.

      The new Ingot needles are equipped with a special return membrane that pushes the needle in and out; This ensures minimal vibrations and above all: zero trauma!

      Ingot is the smallest and most handy machine pen currently in production.

      Diameter: 20mm - length: 99mm - weight: 59.6 gr.

      Designed to be small, practical and light, it features an ergonomic cartridge handle that will become a natural extension of your hand. You can work all day, effortlessly.

      The INGOT permanent makeup machine pen is available in two versions: stroke 3.2mm and stroke 3.8mm

      A shorter stroke means a softer beat, while a longer stroke will give you a more punchy beat.

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      Biotek Ingot PMU Machine Pen

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