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      Biotek Cartridges For MAESTRO Device (1pcs)


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      Cartridges designed specifically for BIOTEK MAESTRO PMU machine device.

      Compatible only with Biotek MAESTRO.


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      exy_lentele.jpgThe MAESTRO Biotek cartridges are equipped with a double membrane to avoid any possible color reflux and contamination.

      -Less vibrations thanks to the new return membrane that pushes the needle back and forth.

      -All Biotek cartridges are designed and produced 100% in Italy.

      1R HD needle: long taper, 0.25mm diameter and extra sharpened surface. Ideal for very fine lines or pixel effects on perfect skins.

      1R EXTRA COLOR needle: medium taper, 0.30mm diameter and rough surface. Ideal for depositing color even in the most superficial layers of the skin. Particularly suitable for working on oily skin.

      1RL CLASSIC - Very fluid and gentle needle, not so sharp. Releases quite thick lines. It has a short taper and the tip of the needle is curved.

      1R EXTRA FLEX needle: long taper and 0.20mm diameter. It is a needle similar to acupuncture and therefore very very thin. Due to its conformation and flexibility, it does not bring much color under the skin. Ideal for working on mature skin.

      1R RHOMBOID needle: medium taper, diameter 0.35mm and rhomboid shape. This needle is very particular due to its shape. It is a sharp needle that writes on all skin types and brings a lot of color. Ideal for hair by hair effects on difficult /thick skins.

      1R TRICO needle: very short taper, 0.45mm diameter and bullet shape. This needle is ideal for making dots in scalp pigmentation. Its shape has been designed to help the operator to remain in the superficial dermis, not to implant the color in depth.

      3R SHADER needles: To design a little bit thicker lines. Ideal to shade in small areas.

      3R SOFT LINER needles: To design PRECISE LINES on sensitive skins. Trace full of color. It’s suitable for thick lines or saturation in small areas.

      5R SHADER needles: To achieve LITTLE SHADING and FULL AREA.

      5R LINER needles: To achieve THICK and PRECISE LINES.

      5R MAGNUM needles: To fill and shade uniformly. They can be used both with circular movements or spatula movements.

      7R LINER needles: To design THICK LINES with much release of color. Perfect to design EYELINER.

      7R COLOR needles: Ideal to fill areas and for a saturation effect. (not for shading).

      9R MAGNUM needles: To fill and shade uniformly. They can be used both with circular movements or spatula movements.

      12R SHADER needles: Soft shading.

      16R U-SHAPE - The merge between Microblading and Permanent Make-Up.


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      Biotek Cartridges For MAESTRO Device (1pcs)

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