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      Tattoo Goo® Original Pillow Pack
      • Tattoo Goo® Original Pillow Pack

      Tattoo Goo® Original Pillow Pack (4ml.)


      Tattoo Goo
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      Tattoo Goo® Original Pillow Pack (4ml.)

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      Tattoo Goo® Original Pillow Packs

      The original salve from Tattoo Goo's specialists.
      This is the first product from this fantastic team, and it has resulted in them establishing a stellar reputation in the tattoo business.

      This balm is intended to meet the demands of the skin and is specifically designed for the aftercare and maintenance of tattoos during their lifespan.

      The skin's needs throughout the healing process of a tattoo alter over time, and this solution provides everything it will require.

      Tattoo goo is 97.5 percent natural and made from eight distinct natural substances.

      It includes olive oil, cocoa butter, and wheat germ oil, which ensures that the skin is well moisturised and that it can remain flexible and heal itself rapidly.

      Many customers have stated that putting Tattoo Goo original balm on their tattoos shortened their healing times in half.

      The precisely crafted mixture enhances the appearance of both old and fresh tattoos, restoring the brightness and color of your art.

      Your tattoo can seem new and fresh for a considerably longer amount of time if it is properly cared for and protected.

      Tattoo Goo does not include petroleum or lanolin components, which can block pores and cause outbreaks.
      This slows the healing of your tattoo.

      Small packs of Tattoo Goo Original for small tattooed areas. Features resealable top.

      Tattoo Goo®Original Ingredients:

        • Olive Oil: a mild lubricant that softens and moisturises the skin
        • Beeswax: natural base used instead of petroleum or lanolin products
        • Cocoa Butter: soothes burns and abrasions
        • Wheat Germ Oil: relieves inflammation of skin abrasions, burns, and wounds
        • Tocopheryl Acetate & Tocophery (Vitamin E): heals burns and skin abrasions
        • Lavender Oil: heals minor burns and relives inflammation and itching
        • Sunflower Oil: skin moisturiser
        • Rosemary Extract: skin softening agent that helps prevent infection
        • D&C Green 6: non-staining, food grade colouring

      About Tattoo Goo: Tattoo Goo is the first aftercare that has been clinically tested to not cause skin irritation or skin allergic reactions! Available in 6 different languages with eye catching graphics and packaging.

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      Tattoo Goo® Original Pillow Pack (4ml.)

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