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      Biotic Phocea Airless Line ICONIC Microblading Palette (8x5ml)


      Biotic Phocea
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      Discover the new generation of our ICONIC Microblading Palette

      8 shades reformulated to comply with the new Reach regulation, which comes into force in January 2022.

      8 x 5ml - Sterile for multiple use

      Made in France

      Last time this product was added to a cart: 01/14/2023

      Set of 8 Reach compliant Microblading pigments:

      MB01 - Ristretto

      MB02 - Espresso

      MB03 - Irish Coffee

      MB04 - Cioccolata

      MB06 - Cappuccino

      MB08 - Americano

      MB10 - Iced Latte

      ST03 - Brow Orange Stop

      5ml - Sterile for multiple use

      Instructions for use:

      MB01 : Deep cool brown, advised on dark chesnut and brunettes. Always warm up with the MB02 

      MB02 : Warm brown advised on brown with matt skin, black skins and metis. Do not use it alone or stabilize it with the ST03. Perfect to heat a cold and dark base like the MB01

      MB03 : Soft cold brown recommended on brown hair, to be mixed with 2 drops of MB04 to warm it up.

      MB04 : Warm medium brown. Advised on chestnuts and asian. Do not use it alone or cool it with ST03. Perfect for heating a cold base.

      MB06 : Cold chestnut. Advised on blondes with highlights and on light-skinned chestnuts and ashy hair.

      MB08 : Brown with a cold tendency. Advised for dark chestnut and brunettes. It can be mixed with ST04 or MB04 to soften it and make it browner.

      MB10 : Ash blond for blondes with fair skin.

      ST03 : Add 2 drops in warm pigments to ensure a better hold over time.

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      Biotic Phocea Airless Line ICONIC Microblading Palette (8x5ml)

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