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      Biotic Phocea Airless Line Areola Pigments (13ml)


      Biotic Phocea
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      Airless color pigments is a new generation of pigments.

      Made In France


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      Airless color pigments is a new generation of pigments.

      Maximum concentration for ultra rapid set. No pigment loss due to the plunger system that resets after each press.

      Airless packaging ensuring the sterility of the pigment inside the container, in compliance with the new legislation.

      Green formulation based on starting materials of natural origin.

      Pigment colors:

      Red Brick (AR14) - Red Brick slightly hot, fairly steady. Ideal for Mediterranean skins.

      Tea Rose (LP03) - Pigment Orangey pink. Advised for areolas, mix with AR10 for dark nipples.

      Amber Rose (LP52) - Very natural mucous pink. For lips and areolas: Very natural mucous pink. Also very beautiful in a mixture to lighten all roses.

      Caribbean Skin (AR11) - Warm brown. To be used on matt or metis that will tend to cool the implanted colors. In combination with AR10, it is possible to have beige from lightest to darkest.

      Venus Complexion (AR08) - Light beige white for white skins. Always use in combination with AR10 or the WH01 for a better color ageing over time. Ideal for stretch marks: 4 drops of AR08 + 4 drops of white with 3 drops of diluent.

      Pink Orcher (AR10) - Cold pinkish beige for fair skins. To be used as a base for all blends to avoid oxidation of the pigment over time.

      Rosewood Complexion (AR12) - Light beige warm trend. For the lightest of Mediterranean skins. Mixed with AR10 to lighten it if necessary.

      Venetian Brown (AR15) - Orange beige. To be mixed with AR10 for redheads and light skins. Ideal for freckles, also in combination with white or with ST03 if it doesn't need to be cleared up. Do not use it pure.

      Peach Complexion (AR18) - Light peach beige trend slightly warm. Use on pink skins always mixed with AR10.

      Pinkish Beige (AR25) - Light orange beige and very warm. Light orange beige and very warm. To be used when you want to warm up a light base by adding a red / orange touch in mixture with AR10.

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      Biotic Phocea Airless Line Areola Pigments (13ml)

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