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Ever After Essence Pigment Diluting Solution (60ml)


Ever After Pigments
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EVER AFTER Pigments are vegan and exclusively composed of organic ingredients.




EVER AFTER Pigments have been modified for cosmetic use and are based on a high quality tattoo color formula. 

This makes EVER AFTER Pigments suitable for thin, sensitive skin as well as for irradiated, susceptible and scarring skin.


Organic, biological, vegan and free from animal testing

Sealed and pre-sterilized

Water based


Made in the USA

Worldwide certified

Essence - As an added benefit, Essence prevents your pigments from evaporation drying keeping them at their optimum state regardless of climate conditions. During long procedures, a drop of Essence will also reconstitute the natural formation of a dry film that can form on top of pigment.

Ever After Pigments
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Ever After Essence Pigment Diluting Solution (60ml)

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