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      Tina Davies Microblading Sampler Pack 8 pcs


      Tina Davies
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      This sampler pack is a great choice for new artists. Each pack has eight microblades total: two 9 Classic, two 14 Curved, two U Needle and two 19 Shaders.

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      Microblades include a protective cap that keeps your needles safe while in transit. The cap also has a tiny hole in the top of it to ensure EO Gas is still able to enter and sterilize the needles.
      Our handles have a soft, cushy, non-slip grip that enables you to stay comfortable and be precise.  Each microblade also has a built-in ruler so that you can ensure your work is even and symmetrical - your clients will appreciate this. Additionally, you can use the rounded end to apply pigment over your fresh strokes.
      There are 8 microblades in total in each Sampler Pack.

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      Tina Davies Microblading Sampler Pack 8 pcs

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