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      Tina Davies Pigment Ring with Sponge 50 pcs


      Tina Davies
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      Add effortless functionality to your workflow. 50pcs/bag

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      Work at the top of your PMU game with the Pigment Ring made for the pros. Used to hold permanent makeup pigment, the Pigment Ring is every artist’s must-have for convenience and execution. The magic to these ring cups is the tiny sponge that will prevent your pigment from spilling.

      Simply wear the ring on your less-dominant hand and dip your microblade into the cup as you work with ease.

      Pack contains 50 individual Pigment Rings.

      How to Use: 

      • Remove sponge from inside the pigment cup
      • Fill pigment cup with pigment
      • Re-insert the sponge to absorb pigment and avoid spillage
      • Place ring on your less dominant hand on a finger that feels comfortable.

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      Tina Davies Pigment Ring with Sponge 50 pcs

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