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      PassionCat Twist Velvet Lip Tint


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      PassionCat Twist Velvet Lip Tint is a Creamy smooth texture that lasts all day.

      Made In Korea


      Last time this product was added to a cart: 06/07/2021

      After PassionCat Twist Velvet Lip Tint application, you can enjoy eating, drinking or other activities. Color will stay the same.


      #1 True Sunset - Fiery hot orange red color for all skin tones.

      #2 With Garnet - All perfect True red color for any make up look.

      #3 Smudging Rose - Trendiest color, rosy pink.

      #4 Trick rouge - Deep, chic red for sophisticated look.

      #5 Nudy Rose - Like a blooming rose, pure and delicate, soft rosy nude.

      #6 Dry Rose - Daily soft, rose petal color for any makeup look.

      #7 With Coral - All season trendy color, fresh coral pink.

      #8 Poppin Pink - Bright spring is inside this funky, hot pink color.

      #9 Poppin Orange - Juicy fresh orange color to stand out from crowd.

      #10 Peach Blossom - Soft, girly peach color for flower blooming season.

      #11 Pink Blossom - Like a milky strawberry, mysterious light pink.

      #12 Dry Maple - Warm, sunset maple brown, great color for everyone.

      #13 Chili Brown - Brick red with hint of brown, perfect for all seasons.

      #14 Deep Blood - Deep, cool burgundy color for winter make up.

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      PassionCat Twist Velvet Lip Tint

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