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      Silcare Nail Forms DS05 Red Double-Sided (500pcs)


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      Silcare Nail Forms DS05 Red double-sided nail form for extending nails with gel or acrylic enable pleasant and precise work.

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      It is strong, extremely stiff and precisely adhere to the nail plate. 

      Remain through the whole time of application and match every nail shape. 

      The functional length scale facilitate the job.


      -Precisely adheres to a nail plate

      -Extremely stiff

      WAY OF USE: when extending the nail, place the nail form under natural nail plate, bend the form along the axis and connect sides of the form under the finger. 

      Subsequently, apply acrylic or gel to obtain desired length. Due to its shape, the nail form ideally adheres to the nail plate.

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      Silcare Nail Forms DS05 Red Double-Sided (500pcs)

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