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      Silcare Amely Lashes System Regenelash Oil For Eyelashes (6ml)


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      We are all dreaming of beautiful, long eyelashes. There are many ways to achieve a spectacular effect: not only applying individual or strip false lashes, eyelash perm or lengthening them by 1:1 method, but also regular care.

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      Thanks to Amely Lashes System Regenelash Oil your eyelashes will become regenerated, strengthened and well-tended, they will also thicken significantly. The product’s formula is safe and based  on natural ingredients. 

      Vitamin complex A+E +F supports lashes’ regeneration: vitamin A stimulates keratin production, which is responsible for regenerating damaged hair follicles, vitamin E accelerates the process of keratinization  and strengthens the roots and stems of hairs. 

      Castor oil, which contains 80% triglycerides of ricinoleic acid, supports hair rebuilding process and leaves a protective film on the eyelashes’ surface.


      -regenerates, strengthens and cares

      -nourishes and moisturizes eyelashes’ hairs preventing their fall out

      -speeds up growth and thickening hairs’ structure and volume process

      -fragrance-free product

      -no preservatives or colorants content

      Way of use:  apply a small amount of oil on cleansed eyelashes (preferably in the evening). Regular application recommended. 

      In order to preserve the effect use 2-3 times a week. Suitable for eyebrows as well.

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      Silcare Amely Lashes System Regenelash Oil For Eyelashes (6ml)

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