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      COLOR IT Hybrid Soak Off Remover With Oils - Black Grape (150ml)


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      Soak off Hybrid Gel Remover with Oils superbly removes hybrid gel by dissolving it and easy removal from the nail. 

      The liquid contains specially selected natural oils, which act regenerating, strengthening, nourishing and moisturizing on the nail plate and cuticles.

      Regenerate – Strengthen - Protect

      The liquid with oils for removing hybrid gel  contains a composition of 3 natural oils: avocado oil, grape seed oil  and green olive oil. 

      It removes hybrid gel and at the same time takes care of our nails and cuticles. The liquid protects the nail against excessive drying and water loss, providing the appropriate level of moisturizing, due to avocado and olive oils. 

      It supports nourishing of the nail plate and cuticles, and brings gentle gloss after removal of hybrid gel, due to grape seed oil and avocado oil. These ingredients contain EFAs with dominance of  oleic acid, beta-carotene, vitamins: A, B6, D and E, lecithin, minerals, potassium, calcium and phytosterols. 

      The oils, especially olive oil, act anti-inflammatory, soothe and calm, also easily penetrate the skin. The liquid is recommended for people, who after removing hybrid gel don’t do new manicure. It leaves on the skin a delicate and pleasant fruit scent.


      -contains a composition of 3 natural oils: avocado, grape seed, green olive

      -recommended for people, who after removing hybrid gel do not do new manicure

      -leaves a delicate fruit scent of black grape on the skin

      -protects nail against excessive drying

      -nourishes, gently gloss the nail plate

      -moisturizes cuticles

      -acts anti-inflammatory, soothes and calms

      Way of use: moisten a cotton pad or aluminum foil remover wrap with the liquid and put on the nail plate where there is applied hybrid gel, wait from 7 to 10 minutes. Subsequently, remove residues of hybrid gel by means of a wooden cosmetic  stick.

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      COLOR IT Hybrid Soak Off Remover With Oils - Black Grape (150ml)

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