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      Li Pigments LOADED Organic Pigment Old Version (15ml)


      Li Pigments
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      Li Pigments LOADED (15ml)

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      LOADED organic shades are a creamy consistency formulated with a water base that works directly on the skin with no or minimal mixing. LOADED shades should not need modifiers as this formulation has been pre- neutralized to help prevent ashing. Additional warmth may or may not be needed depending on the skin type, for example sun damaged or ruddy skin.

      LOADED has been designed without the use of acrylics, abietic acids, rosins, or shellacs and technicians may or may not experience slightly softer results than other pigments that may or may not contain these ingredients. This pigment line was also uniquely formulated to maintain consistency during body fluid contact and repels intracellular secretion that will minimize dilution during PMU procedures.

      - Strong organic formulation

      - Exceptionally high pigment load 

      - Pre-Modified

      - Does not dilute with fluid contact 

      - Doesn't dry out too fast

      - Longer lasting 

      - Stable aging 

      - Passes all EU testing

      Li Pigments
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      Li Pigments LOADED Organic Pigment Old Version (15ml)

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