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    BOMTECH Renouveau Plasma Pen


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    Main body/Pen



    Electrode 15mm(x10pcs) and 30mm(x10pcs)

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    Plasma Pen Treatment

    Non-invasive & no surgery treatments that lightens skin blemishes and pigmentation.

    Minimal downtime and maximal results.

    Minimizing pain and skin trauma.

    Benefits of Renouveau Pen

    Visibly reducing wrinkle, pigmentation, dullness and loss of elasticity. Brightening up dull and tired skin and boosting collagen production.

    Stretch mark removal and skin regeneration enhancing.

    Treatment areas:

    Droopy Eyelids


    Forehead Lines

    Acne Scars

    Nasolbial Folds

    Hyper Pigmentation

    Skin Tags, Spots, Mole, Warts, etc.

    Renouveau Pen:

    Cordless and durable pen

    Striking aluminum body

    Various functional tips

    Precise power control

    Ergonomic and sophisticated design

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    BOMTECH Renouveau Plasma Pen

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