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    Lash lift Lotions 1pcs.

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    Lash lift Lotions 1pcs.

    This lash lifting lotions lift and color your client's lashes in just 11 minutes. Lash Candies has developed a revolutionary eyelash lifting system especially for experienced stylists.

    -Significantly faster exposure times

    -High profitability for you through time savings

    -Made in Europe

    -Vegan and free from animal testing

    -Gentle on the eyelashes

    Perm it Lotion Nr. 1

    Fix it Lotion Nr. 2

    Expert Keratin Restore Lotion-  restore lotion fills the hair with nourishing ingredients. Collagen and keratin are important for the structure and health of the eyelash hair. Keratin is the most important building material for eyelashes. It provides the protective skin around the eyelashes and makes it stronger and fuller.

    Instructions for use: Shake well before use. 

    Lotion 1: 4 minutes for thin eyelashes, 5 minutes for normal to thick eyelashes

    Lotion 2: if desired, apply 1: 1 with the color immediately. Lotion 2 replaces the developer because it contains the right amount of peroxide. Leave on for 6 minutes.

    As a last step, apply with a suitable applicator in a thin layer on to clean lashes. Let dry for 1 minute. Do not rinse to get the full effect of keratin in the eyelashes. The result of this treatment lasts about 2 months.

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    Lash lift Lotions 1pcs.

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