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    BROWGURU Brow Fixing Lotion 2 (5ml.)


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    Brow Fixing Lotion 2 (5ml.)

    BrowGuru Fixing Lotion 2 is used as the third step in the brow lamination process. Lotion 2 ensures that the sulfur bridges in hair strands are restored.

    Revolutionary: if desired, apply Lotion 2 immediately 1: 1 with the color. Lotion 2 replaces the developer because it contains the right amount of peroxide.

    The lotion is supplied in a special 5 ml airless pump bottle. The technology in this airless pump bottle protects the lotion from excessive exposure to air, increasing the durability of the lotions by up to 15%. Shelf life: 36 months unopened, up to 6 months after opening.

    Recommended fixing time:

    If the eyebrows need to be colored, mix the BrowGuru Fixing Lotion 2 with color. Use as much of Lotion 2. as color (1: 1). If you don't need to tint, just use Lotion 2. Apply like Lotion 1 with a lint-free applicator. Leave the lotion on for 10 minutes.

    5ml Up to 20 treatments.

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    BROWGURU Brow Fixing Lotion 2 (5ml.)

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