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      Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit
      • Medisco All About Lash Kit

      Medisco All About Lash Lamination Kit


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      Medisco All About Lash Kit - make your lash bloom and lift. Consists of 3 steps - curling, fixing and treatments to minimize damage.

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      Medisco All About Lash - a kit that includes everything you need to educate and perform brow lamination and lash lift procedures.


      -damage free curling, includes a treatment product that nourishes the eyelashes and eyebrows.

      -a single kit allows both education and procedure.

      -one procedure makes a curl last 4-6 weeks.

      -sanitary disposable packaging, equally effective after an extended period of time if left in the package.

      -a sophisticated and polished design.

      Kit content:

      Curling Kit - curling, fixing, treatment.

      Glue - All about lash glue is a safe product certified by the Korean safety standart. It is highly adhesive, making it a fit product for expert use.

      Nourishing Essence (5ml) - An eyelash exclusive nutrient to be used immediately after a procedure. Applied periodically every morning and evening after lash lift, the eyelashes will be nourished and you will feel the enriching effect.

      Perm Stick - Helps to shape and organize the eyelashes during a lash. Semi permanent use.

      Curling equipment - 5 different sizes of rods silicone material allows tight contact to the skin while not stimulating it. Easily removable and can be used semi- permanently:

      S - for weak, thin and short eyelashes.

      M - for short eyelash.

      M1 - For medium eyelashes.

      M2 - For long eyelashes.

      L - For Voluminous eyelashes.

      How To Use EYELASH LIFT:

      1 - remove eye make up completely;

      2 - remove oil using lash shampoo or pre- treatment;

      3 - Apply eye patches or tape to cover the bottom lashes completely to prevent them from getting a perm.

      4 - Apply glue to the inner side of the perm rod and stick it on the palpebral.

      5 - Apply a small amount of glue on the perm rod and fix the eyelashes to the rod in an orderly way using the perm stick. The glue hardens quickly, so apply small amounts multiple times while fixing the eyelashes.

      If the glue hardens before the eyelashes are organized , do not pull on the eyelashes with force. Apply one more layer of glue and fix the eyelashes. If the eyelashes are pulled while embedded in hardened glue, the eyelashes will be damaged.

      6 - Apply the "STEP 1" Curling to micro swab. Apply to eyelash at least 2mm apart from the mucous membrane, and fix the eyelashes by converting them with cover wrap.

      7 - After enough time, wipe away with a cotton swab in the direction of root to tip, as to be careful the eyelashes are not removed from the perm rod. Apply the fixing "STEP 2" in the same fashion. If eyelashes are removed from the perm rod, wipe everything away with wet cotton pads and fix the lashes to the perm rod using glue and apply the fixing cream again. STEP 2 is crucial in shaping the eyelashes, therefore it is paramount that you fix the eyelashes to the perm rod before applying the STEP 2 fixing.

      8 - After enough time, remove the STEP 2 fixing with cotton swab while paying attention not to remove eyelashes from perm rod. Apply STEP treatment and leave unattended for 5 minutes.

      9 - After 5 minutes, remove  treatment and glue with wet cotton pads and remove rod, together with the tape or eye patch covering the bottom lashes.

      10 - Organize the eyelashes with mini brush and finish with applying Nourishing Essence.

      Additional information

      - If the curl does not turn out well, the dosage or time of the curling and fixing might be wrong.

      - Lash lift period: recommended once every 1-2 months.

      - Frequent procedures might damage the tip of the eyelashes and make them frizzled.

      - Be careful not to apply them in the eye. Remove quickly with a swab if the cream is applied on the mucous membrane.

      - Even if the lash lift does not produce good results, it is recommended against immediate re-produce.


      1- Apply enough STEP 1 Curling to the eyebrow.

      2 - Cover with wrap and leave unattended for 7 minutes. (the time  an differ depending on the thickness of the eyelashes).

      3 - Remove STEP 1 Curling completely with wet swabs after enough time.

      4 - Shape the eyebrow in the wanted fashion with the brush.

      5 - Apply the STEP 2 Fixing with a cotton swab while being careful the brow shape is not altered.

      6 - Cover with wrap and leave unattended for 5 minutes.

      8 - Remove with a wet swab and design the brow in a wanted fashion using an eyebrow razor or scissor.

      9 - Organize with a mini brush.

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      Medisco All About Lash Lamination Kit

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