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    Nouveau Lashes Lash Extensions C Curl 0.10 Black


    Nouveau Lashes
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    Strong, lightweight and durable lash extensions.
    Contains 16 rows of the same curl.
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    Individual Lash Extensions have strong curls that feel natural and hold well over weeks of wear. The easy-peel design means lashes lift from the strip easily without damage or snapping. Available in single lengths or multi-length packs.
    Each pack of individual lash extensions contains 16 rows of the same curl and thickness with a single chosen length. Designed to work with Pro Adhesives.

    How to use:

    Easy peel design - Lashes lift from the strip easily without causing damage.
    Convenience - Strips of lashes can be peeled off the boards and added to lash pad/hand, making application easier.
    For Extend Treatments - Create a natural, bespoke, flawless eye look that will add depth and length to client’s natural lashes.
    For volume and fanning treatments - The lighter weight options are suitable for Volume / fanning treatments.

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    Nouveau Lashes Lash Extensions C Curl 0.10 Black

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