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    Nouveau Lash Strip Lashes Glamour Style


    Nouveau Lashes
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    The most elegant false lash within our Glamour range.
    What is included:
    1x pair of lashes
    1ml vegan adhesive
    With 4 options in Glamour range, these false lashes are non-irritable and latex-free. Each pair of lashes comes with a low vapour, heat / humidity / sweat and water-resistant adhesive that makes application incredibly easy.
    Glamour false lashes are lightweight and premium quality. They are reusable but only suitable for short-term wear.
    Glamour Style 1
    Feel fabulous wherever you are with our Glamour Style 1 strip lashes, the most elegant style in our Glamour range. Each lash is defined and precise for pretty lashes you can wear for any occasion.
    Glamour Style 2
    If you're looking for the wow factor, these strip lashes consist of graduated lengths for a bold, glamorous effect.
    Glamour Style 3
    With a fluttery, flared tip, these lashes provide the perfect amount of lift, volume and glamour. For a strip lash with plenty of plush style and fullness, try Glamour Style 3 lashes.
    Glamour Style 4
    The most glamorous strip lash in the range, Glamour Style 4 instantly make your eyes pop. The lash lengths are fairly uniform but the thicker lashes exude drama and are really stand out glam.
    How to use:
    Measure - Firstly, measure the length of your strip lashes against your eye to ensure a seamless look, for maximum glamour and impact.
    Length - Always cut the outer ends of your strip lashes if you need to adjust the length. Cutting the inner end can cause irritation.
    30 seconds - Apply adhesive along the vein and wait around 30 seconds before placing your false lashes to your lash line in the centre of the upper eyelid. This will keep your strip lashes in place.

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    Nouveau Lash Strip Lashes Glamour Style

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