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      BROWGURU Brow Lamination Lotion 1 (5ml.)


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      Brow Lamination Lotion 1 (5ml.)

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      Lotion 1 is applied after shaping the eyebrows with the BrowGuru Brow Glue. Chemicals in the Lamination Lotion 1. release the sulfur bridges in the eyebrow hair and ensure that the hair can be transformed into the desired look.

      This lotion is supplied in a special airless pump bottle of 5 ml. The technology in this airless pump bottle protects the lotion against excessive exposure to air, increasing the shelf life of the lotions by up to 15%. Shelf life: unopened 36 months, open up to 6 months.

      Recommended fixing time:

      Apply a layer of BrowGuru Lamination Lotion 1. to the entire eyebrow with a lint-free applicator and let the lotion set for 5 minutes. Set the time per eye while using Lotion 1.You can optionally apply BrowGuru eyebrows and lip foil over the entire eyebrows.

      For professional use only.

      5 ml: Up to 20 treatments.

      Michelle P   10/29/2020
      The fastest Browlift Brand in the professional market

      I have been working with Browguru for a long time and I am always surprised by the great end results despite the short solution times. Recommended.

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        BROWGURU Brow Lamination Lotion 1 (5ml.)