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      BomTech Digital Hand-R
      • BomTech Digital Hand-R
      • BomTech Digital Hand-R
      • BomTech Digital Hand-R
      • BomTech Digital Hand-R
      • BomTech Digital Hand-R

      BomTech Digital Hand-R


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      BomTech Digital Hand-R

      - Easy to adjust the speed level from 1 to 7 by pressing a button.

      - Visualized current speed on LED display of the hand-piece body.

      - Selectable disposable needle cartridge between PMU and MTS for its purpose.

      - User can make hand-piece stop by putting it down on the stand.

      - Comfortable design to hold the hand-piece for a long time.

      - Operate with various types of needle.

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      BomTech Digital Hand-R – digital permanent make up device which is lightweight and easy to use. This device is designed  ergonomically and this helps to achieve most comfort for permanent make up masters during procedure. Bomtech machine is ideal for permanent make up masters, but also can be used for mesotherapy and light micro needling treatments. Bomtech machine is great for all permanent make up procedures – lips, areola, eyebrows or eyeliner. One-time use cartridge will ensure safety of procedure, also very easy and quick change of needle cartridge during procedure if needed. BomTech Digital Hand-R digital machine speed you can control manually. Speed levels from 1 to 7. Each Bomtech digital hand goes with body, hand-piece stand and adapter. Also, you can see current speed on LED display which is right on hand-piece. With Bomtech PMU machine you can adjust amount of pigment by yourself very easily – you just need to turn a cartridge ring. That means if cartridge hole is closed you will get small amount of pigment and if cartridge hole is open – more pigment is emitted. Bomtech machine price and quality is perfect deal for your treatments, this machine will achieve even most demanding masters standards. 

      How to use? 

      Bomtech digital hand R machine is very easy to use. To change one-use cartridges very simple and takes only few seconds. On hand-piece you can regulate speed from 1 to 7 and on LED screen you can see current speed, so it is very easy to decide if you need to adjust speed for your procedure. Easy to adjust needle length and pigment quantity. All you need to do is to turn the adjustment ring on hand-piece. You can work with different types of needle cartridges, also this machine is suitable for mesotherapy and Bomtech microneedling procedures.  Bomtech permanent make up machine has pause function. You don‘t need to press button to pause your work, all you need is to put hand-piece on the stand and it stops immediately. Also, after pause handpiece returns to previous setting which you were working on. This means that you can continue procedure without losing chosen speed settings and power. 

      Which items contains package?

      - Hand-piece stand;

      - Hand-piece

      - Power adapter

      Please, note that this machine uses very low voltage and do not use power adapters from any other machine‘s. Due to overload voltage it make cause damage to Bomtech permanent make up machines. Circuit overloads will not be covered by warranty. Also, make sure that you are using good quality needle cartridges with this machine, because bad quality cartridges can lock mechanism of device and this will cause damages. 

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      BomTech Digital Hand-R

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