Kad ši svetainė veiktų tinkamai, kartais mes įrenginame mažus duomenų failus, kurie vadinami slapukais. Dauguma didelių svetainių taip pat atlieka. Plačiau Privatumo politika


If you want to apply for our wholesaler status you must have an account or register to our online shop.

Wholesaler requirements:
Applicants for a wholesaler status must be an academy or an academy trainee.
Minimal purchase amount as a wholesaler is 800eur.
Orders exceeding 2000eur will receive an additional 3% discount for a whole purchase.

You will receive an individual product prices.
Each wholesaler will receive a gift at the end of a year, depending on their total annual purchases.

If you already have an account, you will lose all loyalty program points and won’t be able to use it for a discount.

To apply for a wholesaler status, press a button beneath.

Click here to apply for wholesale