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      DYNAMIC Drawing Ink Grey Wash Set


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      Made in USA

      Amount: 120ml/4oz

      High quality grey wash drawing ink by Dynamic, ink based on their much loved original black ink formula.

      DYNAMIC Drawing Ink Grey Wash Set is a mix of their blacker than black drawing ink and the purest hospital-grade water.

      Their black ink speaks for itself but the water used is filtered, distilled and UV sterilized to create the most pure # 00 Mixing Solution.

      As a final touch witch hazel is added to the solution, combining the three creates a beautiful gray wash drawing ink that is smooth to work with.

      # 20 - A thin wash and lightest of the set.

      # 40 - A smooth light-mid tone wash.

      # 60 - A deep and silky true medium toned wash.

      # 80 - The darkest of the set, a deep and full-bodied wash

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      DYNAMIC Drawing Ink Grey Wash Set

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