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      Gel dye for eyebrows IKKI 15ml


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      Gel dye for eyebrows IKKI 15ml


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      IKKI Gel Eyebrow dye has been developed for professional use by the beauty industry. The dye evenly applies to the skin and hair, creating a natural dense eyebrow effect.

      The gel consistency of the dye prevents them from dispersing, the dye evenly and qualitatively color eyebrow hair and the skin under the hair layer. IKKI eyebrow dye is a permanent gel that works well on the skin, darkening hair by 1-2 tones. Skin dye lasts up to 14 days, hair dye up to 1 month. IKKI dye retention during dyeing is shorter than most other brands and is 7-10 minutes. The paint mixture needs to be applied in a thin coat, which makes the use of IKKI paint economical.

      Usage: In a non-metallic container, mix the dye and oxidizer (1: 1). Apply the dye mixture evenly on the eyebrows with the applicator. Use a cotton swab to gently remove excess dye around the eyebrows. After 7-10 minutes, rinse with water.


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      Gel dye for eyebrows IKKI 15ml

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