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      Eternal Ink Sky Blue (30ml.)


      Eternal Ink
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      Eternal Ink Sky Blue (30ml.)

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      Eternal Ink Sky Blue (30ml.)

      This is a vibrant and attractive shade of blue which provides a classic and strong appearance when healed, as you would expect of a colour within the eternal inks classic primary colours range. As you would expect of eternal inks this is not only a high quality and long lasting colour, but also a non-toxic and organic solution to your tattoo ink needs which is supplied in a selection of the most popular sizes, allowing you to order as much as you require regardless of the size or number of tattoos you’re planning to produce with the ink. We sterilize all of our inks to provide you with confidence of their cleanliness, and we never freeze the inks, so you can be certain of their freshness.

      Eternal Ink
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      Eternal Ink Sky Blue (30ml.)

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