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  • Intenze Ink Color Lining Series Collection 30 ml 10 piece

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    Intenze Color Lining Series 10 Piece Collection Intenze prides itself on being on the cutting edge of the tattoo industry, continually working to advance its products as the best performing inks with the safest ratings. It is with little surprise then that they would be one of the first companies to introduce a color lining s..
  • Intenze Bowery Ink rinkinys 30 ml. 8 piece

    Item Code: BOWERY

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    8 x 30ml (1oz) Green Yellow Brown Black Irish Green Red  Blue  White  ..
  • Intenze Mark Mahoney Set 30ml 6 piece

    Item Code: SET1

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    NTENZE Products is proud to present a new black & grey tattoo ink product formulated by tattooist Mark Mahoney. This is the formula and shades of black & grey that Mark Mahoney uses while he tattoos. The result is an unbelievable black & grey system of tattoo ink that is perfectly suited for black & grey portrait..
  • Intenze Bob Tyrell Set 30ml 6 piece

    Item Code: SET2

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    Intenze Ink are a range of premium ink and tattoo products available to all artists that are serious about using the best resources in the industry. Formulated by experts, this high performing tattoo ink is adaptable for any style or artist technique. Intenze work with some of the best tattoo artists in the business to use their..
  • Intenze Japaneze Dragon Color Kit 30 ml. 6 piece

    Item Code: DJANZ

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     6 x 30ml (1oz)   Dragon Yellow  Dragon Turquoise  Dragon Red  Dragon Blue (Dark)  Mario’s Dragon Green (Light)   Mario’s Dragon Green (Dark) ..