Skin Monarch Classic line Vantablack pigment for eyeliner 5-10 ml.

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Skin Monarch Vantablack pigment for eyeliner 5-10 ml.

Skin Monarch - Brand what You can trust!

The highest quality carbon black pigment for eyeliner. Small pigment molecular easy to apply during procedure, this pigment is formulated for more faster work. During procedure not damage so much tissue, because finish procedure faster, after healed stays more pigment in the skin.   The darkest black color available, not need to add any pigments correctors like "orange", to avoid blue or grey after time.

Our pigment is not changing to gray or blue during time, just less intensive black color! 

Here are some  more reasons what our pigment is the best formulated:

High pigment powder density.

Our pigments have the highest lightfastness ratings (8).

The highest bleed resistance rating (5)

Can match any color required.

Because of all pigments electrical repulsion to water, our 

pigments are wetted in the initial slurry with ethyl alcohol a

superior wetting agent for better pigment performance.

In our pigments formulation NO isopropyl alcohol which can burn the cornea if it gets into the eye.

Our pigments meets all safety requirements and was made all testing according to CoE Resolution ResAP(2008)

Use only for professional Masters!


Sterile water (aqua), glycerin, ethyl alcohol, carbon black CI#77266,

Packing size 5 or 10 ml 

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