Skin Monarch Classic line Eyebrows pigment 5 ml.

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Skin Monarch Eyebrows pigment 5 ml.

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Skin Monarch Classic line Eyebrows pigment 5 ml.28.00€

Skin Monarch is a trademark you can trust.

Skin Monarch Academy pigments are made from the finest certified ingredients in the world. Eyebrows pigment line has special neutralizers, to avoid pigments change to red, violet or green colors.  Special pigments formula has been created to accelerate the penetration to the skin, stays after healed 50 to 70%. 15 colors allow you to achieve the desired result, for all taste of customers. The pigment consistency is highly pigmented, can be diluted with Skin Monarch Nano Solvent to reduce the intensity of the color. in Our pigments contains special ethyl alcohol, which provides pigment sterility and accelerated pigmentation into the skin.

Here are some  more reasons what our pigment is the best formulated:

High pigment powder density.

Our pigments have the highest lightfastness ratings (8).

The highest bleed resistance rating (5)

Can match any color required.

Because of all pigments electrical repulsion to water, our 

pigments are wetted in the initial slurry with ethyl alcohol a

superior wetting agent for better pigment performance.

In our pigments formulation NO isopropyl alcohol which can burn the cornea if it gets into the eye.

Our pigments meets all safety requirements and was made all testing according to CoE Resolution ResAP(2008)

Made in USA

Package size: 5 ml.

Ingredients: Sterile water (aqua), glycerin, ethyl alcohol, pigments.

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