Dermclar Reconstructing Solution / Organic Silicon 5ml.

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Reconstructing and firming skin solution

SILANOL is an element of the structure of conjunctive tissue. It makes part of macromolecules conforming conjunctive tissue: elastin, collagen, proteoglicans and glycoproteins of structure

SILANOL is a normalizer and regulator of cell metabolism and cell division. It is also a metabolic product. Silanol opposes to lipidic perxoxidation, and therefore, to free radicals formation, by cell membrane lipid reorganization, resulting in a premature aging, (protectin action against conjunctive tissue schlerosis ).

Silanol stimulates macromolecules regeneration by stabilizing tissue. Immunostimulating action on lymphocytic cells and stimulation action on osteoblasts. It regenerates elastin fibers and quantitatively modifies collagenous fibers
1. Lipolytic: Its lipolytic action is higher than that of the reference products, Teophilin and Caffeine, at quite small concentrations. AMPc rate does not change whatever SILICON concentration, while glycerol rates increases.This constitutes lipolysis activation by AMPc stimulation made by ORGANIC SILANOL, and thus, no activity on phosphodiesterase

2. Inhibition of Free Radical Formation: By orientation of triglycerydes hydrolysis towards unsaturated fatty acid production. A reduction of elastin and collagen destruction is produced, with limitation of conjunctive destruction and its schlerosis. Reorganizes cell membrane lipids, thus increasing its resistance to peroxide attacks.
Indicated in association with other injection specialities used in mesotherapy. To treat lipody strophy without precipitation. Also used as anti-wrinkle, anti-flaccidity, and skin grooves

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