• Bella PIGMENT NANO Eyebrows / Eyeliner pigments (20ml.)

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    Nano pigment is high quality pigments. 24 different shades of pigment may offer the best results in the selection color according to skin color.Pigments are safe and tested...
  • Bella Vivid Pigment Olive Brown (10ml.)

    Item Code: BICD-0001

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    Pigments for permanent make up eyebrows make-up. Pigments suitable for all skin tones. Stable brown pigment, does not change the color to red. ..
  • Biotouch Eyebrows / Eyeliner pigments (15ml)

    Item Code: BiBr

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    BioTouch pigments can be mixed to match your client’s skin tone for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.Follow these general guidelines before using:• Do not mix pigments of different brands.• Shake well each time before use.• Never touch pigment bottles or pigment containers with contaminated gloves to prevent cross contamination...
  • Biotouch Mocha pigment (8ml.)

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    Biotouch Mocha pigment (8ml.) Double Drop A dark blonde color good for light to medium skin tones. Use with Purple Corrector or Olive to create an ash base and neutralize warm tones. How To Use Pigments BioTouch pigments can be mixed to match your client's skin tone for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner. Follow t..
  • CC Brow Eyebrow dye

    Item Code: CCBrowdye

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Gel-paint for eyebrow CC Brow is created for professional use by masters of the beauty industry. Due to the specially developed composition and gel consistency, it does not spread, it is conveniently applied to the skin, accurately adjusting the shape of the eyebrow. Paint evenly and qualitatively paints the hair of the eyebrows..
  • DOREME Permanent Makeup pigment (Liquid colors)
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    Item Code: Liquid1

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    LIQUID COLORSBrilliant and vivid colorful colors produced with high quality pigments. High pigment density ensures maximum color retention. JMT Derma Safe colors are sensitivity-tested by DERMATEST® Munster and comply with Council of Europe Resolution ResAP (2011).*Liquid pigment colors are designed for permanent make-up machine..
  • DOREME Permanent Makeup pigment (organic colors)
    30.25€ 39.00€

    Item Code: organic1

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    ORGANIC COLORSThe new JMT organic line was developed due to increased safety regulations by the EU. Organic pigments provide you with an alternative for the controversially discussed iron oxide pigments. Organic pigments do not contain (unless contaminated) any metals and no nickel. However, don’t confuse organic pigments with n..
  • Giant Sun eyebrows pigments (20 ml.)

    Item Code: GIANTeyebr

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    - Glycerin-Based Pigment - Secure - meets the hygiene requirements.- Can be thinned or mixed together to produce other colors and shades- Great for doing permanent makeup and tattooing- For Professional Use- Pack size: 20 ml...
  • Goochie permanent makeup pigments kit

    Item Code: KIT

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    Goochie  permanent makeup pigments kit: * Bright and natural color, stable color, no change color;* Semi permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo ink color stays 3 to 5 years;* Raw materials from America;* DermaTest & FDA Approval;* Suitable for shadow eyebrow permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoo operation;* The newest..
  • Goochie Vip Eyebrows Kit
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    Goochie Vip Eyebrows Kit ..
  • KolorSource pigments for eyebrows (15ml.)

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    KolorSource pigments for eyebrows (15ml.)KolorSource™ pigments have their origin and safety track record since 1990 beginning with Helen Snow of Scottsdale, Arizona. Helen Snow is a beloved and respected permanent cosmetic professional and instructor since the early nineties. Helen takes a very practical and safe approach t..
  • Li Pigments Micro Colors H2O pigments for eyebrows (12ml.)

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    Micro Colors H2O pigments for eyebrows (12ml.)The same great features of the original Micro-Colors pigment line in a unique Pre-Neutralized, Water Based formula.  With little to no mixing required to get that perfect color, these pigments implant quickly and easily into all skin types and ethnicities. Several Years in ..
  • Li pigments Micro-Edge Extra formula 15ml.

    Item Code: Micro-Edge-Extra

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Micro-Edge Extra formula 15ml. (by Li pigments)Enhanced Li-Pigment Micro-Edge formula.Pigments are used for microblading procedures, after dilution for permanent make-up.The pigment does not dry during work.Accelerated pigment introduction.Long stable color resilience.Manufacturer: USAQuantity: 15ml..
  • Li pigments Micro-Edge Microblading pigments 15ml.

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    Micro-Edge Microblading pigments 15ml. (by Li pigments)The Micro-Edge Pigment Line is a highly concentrated version of selective organic & Inorganic colorants made exclusively for Microblading procedures.We have developed a line of longer lasting, natural Microblading pigment shades that offer warmer, easier to use, and pre-..
  • Mastor® eyebrows pigments 15 ml

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    Mastor® eyebrows pigmentsAbout The ProductMASTOR maindly suitable for needs of eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip, areola, tattoos, etc.Easy-coloring, able lasting effect for 4 to 5 yearsThe colors can achieve ideal effect.Specification :Professinal for digital permanent makeup machine use. Natural-looking and rich colors&n..
  • Mei-Cha Image Brows Pigments 15 ml.
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    Item Code: Mei-ChaP

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    IMAGE BROW PIGMENT Creamy water-based formula contains color neutralizers pre-blended in each color to minimize mixing and allow for application directly to the skin.  Brow Pigments may be used for Microblading procedures.Made in the USA...