Nanogen Hair Fibres (15g. / 30g.)

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Nanogen Hair Fibres (15g. / 30g.)

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Nanogen Hair Fibres (15g. / 30g.)
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Nanogen Hair Fibres (15g. / 30g.)22.90€ 17.00€

Nanogen Keratin Hair Thickening Fibres 30g with Kinetic™ technology. Approximately 2 months supply of Natural looking ultra fine fibers bind to your hair for instant looking natural density that lasts all day. Available in ten natural looking shades which you can mix and match.

Kinetic™ Technology, Hair Thickening Fibres stick to your hair using static electricity. The patent-pending metal strip on Nanogen Fibres ensures they get the greatest and most reliable charge of any fibre product. This means Nanogen fibres stay in place all day even when others might let you down, through wind, rain and perspiration.
Pure Natural Keratin, unlike imitators, Nanogen Hair Fibres are made of pure natural keratin, just like your hair. They’re dermatologically tested so you can be sure they’re safe as well as natural. Using Nanogen Hair Fibres is just like adding “hair” to your hair.
Easy to Use
1. Shake the Kinetic™ Jar over thinning hair, releasing the fibres
2. Blend the fibres in with your fingers
3. Repeat if necessary to get the perfect thickness and density.
4. Optional: Waterproof with Fibre Locking Spray
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