Perma Blend

  • Perma Blend Evenflo brow set 15 ml. (5 vnt.)

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    Perma Blend Evenflo Pigments - pigments for permanent make-up treatments - micro-pigmentation. Made of microparticles guarantee durability and perfect color reflection. The consistency of the pigment ensures easy introduction of the dye under the skin, which guarantees no corrections.Application: eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, and c..
  • Tina Davies permablend Pigment 15ml.

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    Tina Davies pigments for the simple selection of colors for every skin tone.The Tina Davies colors:-Ash Brown Pigment is a mid-value with a yellow base.This pigment is perfect for clients who want an ash-based eyebrow. Use this pigment for fair, beige & olive skin tones. This ultra concentrated formula covers old orange &..
  • Tina Davies permablend Pigment set 8 x 15ml

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    A set of pigments developed by Tina Davies for the simple selection of colors for every skin tone. It contains 7 light and dark colors, which can also be combined with each other. Each set contains an easy-to-use color card for quick selection of shades.-Ash Brown Pigment is a mid-value with a yellow base.This pigment is pe..
  • Tina Davies permablend Shading Solution (15ml)

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    Shading Solution. The Tina Davies Permablend Shading Solution is an optional diluent for manual shading or machine shading only. Do not use this solution for microblading. If you are looking to create a soft wash of color behind microbladed hair strokes, combo, or powder brows mix the Shading Solution with your target pigment co..
  • Tina Davies Pigment Color Chart

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    It is pigment color chart that offers easy, hassle-free color selection, all in one page. It’s also a great presentation tool to use during your client consultations.The first of its kind, the Tina Davies X Permablend Eyebrow Collection Color Chart is designed with the artist in mind, as a quick reference guide to take the guess..