Dermclar Liposomes - Wrinkles 2 ml

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Solution with filling effect

One of the most characteristic features of cutaneous aging is the increase and deepening of wrinkles or depressions that form along the lines of expression on the face.

ARGIRELINE: is a powerful hexapeptide, anti-wrinkle agent that acts similarly to Botulinum Toxin.

LEUPHASY: is a new pentapeptide that has been developed to combat expression wrinkles and offers two advantages: 
1. A new and alternative mechanism to combat wrinkles. 
2. An additive/synergistic effect to complement the action of ARGIRELINE. 
Both peptides (ARGIRELINE and LEUPHASY) show an additive effect of up to 75% compared with the effect of ARGIRELINE alone and 120% with respect to the effect of LEUPHASY alone.

HYALURONIC ACID: ensures the cohesion of conjunctival cells, which is particularly important for skin. It is a natural polysaccharide and one of the mucopolysaccharide acids found in the fundamental substance between the skin cells. It provides restoration of the contours of the skin and decreases wrinkles and skin folds.

Treatment for expression wrinkles, preferably of the upper third of the face (crow's feet, forehead and eyebrows)

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