Paper towels

  • Facial tissue SATINO PRESTIGE (super soft) 100 pcs.

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    Facial tissues in 2-ply premium quality. Skin friendly and made of 100% FSC® certified cellulose.With front and back opening and transparent level indicator.FEATURESSize one sheet 20.5 x 21 cmVelvety softExtremely kind to the skinEU Ecolabel certified..
  • GRITE paper towels (Standard 150 Z) 1 pcs.

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    2 layers. 150 leaflets.The dimensions of the leaflet are 210x240 mmSorted recycled fiber, with embossing...
  • GRITE paper towels (Standard 250 V / Super 150 V) 1 pack

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    Gentle, soft and perfectly moisture-absorbing cellulose sheet paper towels ensure personal hygiene and comfort.You can choose from two types:Standard 250 V-1 layer, in a pack of 250 towels, size 250 x 230 mmSuper 150 V- 2 layers, 150 towel sheets per pack, size 250 x 230 mm (softer than Standard 250V)..
  • GRITE paper towels (Super 120 W) 1 pcs.

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    Quality and gentle paper towels.2 layers. 120 leaflets.Leaflet dimensions - 320x220 mmSorted recycled fiber, with embossing...