Hair Styling Products

  • Nanogen Aquamatch Waterproof Scalp Concealer
    18.40€ 23.00€

    Item Code: NanoConc

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    Nanogen Aquamatch Waterproof Scalp Concealer - Instantly makes hair look thicker and fuller - Easy to use: apply a few strokes, blend in slightly, and you’re done! - Works alone or as a base underneath Nanogen Fibres - Especially effective close to hairlines and on wide partings - Waterproof, after a few minutes it will ..
  • Nanogen Hair Fibres (15g. / 30g.)
    17.00€ 22.90€

    Item Code: NANOGENP

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    Nanogen Keratin Hair Thickening Fibres 30g with Kinetic™ technology. Approximately 2 months supply of Natural looking ultra fine fibers bind to your hair for instant looking natural density that lasts all day. Available in ten natural looking shades which you can mix and match.   Kinetic™ Technology, Hair Thicke..
  • Roverhair Shaper 100 ml.

    Item Code: RS

    Availability: In Stock

    Body and volumizing hair styling paste to give to determine. Definitive styling gives body, volume and texture to the hair, a sufficient amount of product between the hands and then rub hair to bring on style apply to moist or dry hair. ..
  • Roverhair Pump the Shine 75 ml.

    Item Code: RPTH

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    Liquid crystals shine hair oil is ideal for split ends and give shine to dry, dull hair. Use a few drops on the hands and distribute on dry hair ..
  • Roverhair Pixie Dust 5 g.

    Item Code: RDD

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    Magic styling powder for the highest volume! Roverhair True Celebrity Fashion Punk Pixie Dust styling powder is fantastic for fine, limp and lifeless hair Ideal for structuring and raising the volume.  Application: Apply to dry hair then work with your fingertips ..
  • Roverhair Hard Groove 250 ml.

    Item Code: RHG

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    True Celebrity Fashion Punk Hard Groove is an styling gel with strong styling effect gives structure and form. This Roverhair True Celebrity Fashion Punk Hard Groove styling gel on your hands and then dry hair for a stronger effect on the wet hair apply   ..
  • Roverhair Mousse Volume Maxxy 250 ml.

    Item Code: RMVM

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    This foam provides extreme volume to fine and lifeless hair. Rice Oil and silk proteins. Soft hair with more shine. Specifically for fine, limp hair, limp hair and hair that needs support ..
  • Roverhair little genius 200 ml.

    Item Code: LD

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    LITTLE GENIUS thermo-activated body-giving fluid; excellent anti-frizz to give volume, memory and control to hair; on dry hair, it creates a perfectly defined texture. Usage: apply on damp and clean hair shaping with hands or a hair dryer; on dry hair: define with your hands. ..
  • Roverhair Little Genius power jam 150 ml.

    Item Code: RLGPJ

    Availability: Out Of Stock

    Fluid to add body and volume to hair; hear-reactive; anti-frizz with memory effect. Use: for an anti-frizz memory effect, apply to wet hair before brushing. To define style apply to dry hair. ..
  • Roverhair wipped controller mousse 300ml.

    Item Code: WCM

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    A WIPPED CONTROLLER MOUSSE a uniqui mousse; conditioning, moisturizing with excellent shape and hold control; a sweet sensation that leaves hair soft, shiny and full of vitality. Usage: apply on damp and clean hair shaping with hands or a hair dryer. ..
  • Roverhair liquid leave in form 200 ml.

    Item Code: LLIF

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    LIQUID LEAVE IN FORM shaping liquid, it sculpts with elasticity, giving body and lightness; excellent for glazet effects; to use for shaping before or after brushing for both curly and straight hair. Usage: apply on damp and clean hair shaping as desired; excellent with the diffuser. ..
  • Roverhair 3 root lift 100 ml.

    Item Code: RRL

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    Styling lotionÊfor fine hair Roverhair Hairstyling volume spray for fine hair, lifeless and limp hair. Voluminous styling agent for the hair roots strengthens and give volume and body toÊfine and thin hair  Instructions: Spray on the rootsÊon damp hair. Proceed with styling the hair without rinsing ..
  • Roverhair volume body extender 100 ml.

    Item Code: RVBE

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    Styling lotion or modeling fluid styling for body en volume to fine hair has dynamics and the ability of fine or thin hair can strengthen. Styling lotion for fine hair feeling to twice as thicker Apply product to damp hair. ..