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  • Roverhair TRUE CELEBRITY BIO-PERM Curl On >N (neutralizator) 500 ml.

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    TC BIO-PERM CURL ON >N, pH 6 – 7 Biological Neutralizer – Hydrogen Peroxide Free with Linseed OilUSE: Rinse hair thoroughly for at least 5 minutes at the end of Curl On (2/1/0) development time. Gently absorb excess water using a towel. Remember that the desired style is fixed when hair comes into contact with the fixing..
  • Roverhair TRUE CELEBRITY BIO-PERM Curl On 260 ml. (>0, >1, >2)

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    Roverhair developed True Celebrity Bio-Perm, the first permanent wave without thioglycolic acid or its derivatives and without ammonia. Roverhair launches this product, which has been developed with a modern technology and produces amazing results. The exclusive formula keeps the hair in perfect condition, supple, natural a..