CC Brow eyebrow dye

  • Brow Base by CC Brow 50 ml.

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    Base for coloring eyebrows with allantoin and lactic acid.Specially developed base composition tightens pores, peels off the top layer and evens out the skin surface, preparing it for staining. As a result, dye falls smoother and lasts longer. Does not dry, suitable for sensitive and problem skin.Application: moisten a cotton pa..
  • Brow Paste by CC Brow

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    Long-awaited paste from CC Brow It is popular, it is needed both for masters and for beginners - a special eyebrow pasta, which allows you to create an ideal clear eyebrow contour With this paste, the dyeing area remains inside the contour Protects the skin from the effects of pigmentation paints. ..
  • Brow Pomade (4gr.)

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    Brow Pomade is a unique product that is suitable for both eyebrow bases and eye contours. The water-resistant product lasts up to 48 hours on the skin and hair, helps to create perfect eyebrow forms. Due to the creamy texture, the material does not lose its ability to absorb as much as possible on the skin and hairs. Th..
  • Brow Shadow by CC Brow

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    CC Brow ShadowMatte eyebrow shadows are ideal for correcting, coloring and shaping the eyebrows. Light texture of the shadows allows you to create natural volume eyebrows.Available colors:Blonde;Light brown;Brown;Grey brown;Dark brown...
  • CC Brow Conditioner 50 ml.

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    This conditioner is designed specifically for the care of eyebrows. It makes the hairs soft, obedient, restores their structure, gives them shine and strength. When used directly after dyeing, it closes the hair scales and contributes to an increase in the durability of color. It is harmless to use even on sensitive skin. Recomm..
  • CC Brow Cushion for eyebrow (brown mix)

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    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Product descriptionThanks to the unique creamy formula, cushion is easy to apply and shade, creating a variety of images - from a light shade to clear graphic eyebrows. Two cool shades will help create an ombre effect or get a universal gray-brown shade when mixed.Packaging eyebrow cushion has a comfortable mirror, a folding bru..
  • CC Brow Eyebrow dye

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    Gel-paint for eyebrow CC Brow is created for professional use by masters of the beauty industry. Due to the specially developed composition and gel consistency, it does not spread, it is conveniently applied to the skin, accurately adjusting the shape of the eyebrow. Paint evenly and qualitatively paints the hair of the eyebrows..
  • CC Brow eyebrow mascara 5.2 ml

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    DescriptionWaterproof mascara for eyebrows gives the desired shade and fixation to the eyebrows, makes them thick and voluminous, can be used with pencil and eye shadow. Perfectly emphasizes the image without weighing it down.ApplicationBrush mascara over the eyebrows from the inside to the outside...
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    CC Brow Henna activator 20 ml.
    CC Brow Henna activator 20 ml.

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    The CC Henna Brows Brow activator is a product that you can add while mixing the CC Brow or Premium Henna line.It ensures that the print adheres more intensively to the skin and color!Ratio: 1: 1: 11 part Henna1 part Brow aqua1 part ActivatorOr 1: 21 part Henna2 parts Activator (for a more intensive bonding or coloring)..
  • CC Brow Lightening Mascara 3.5ml

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    Availability: 2-3 Days

    A convenient brush allows you to color the hairs accurately, without affecting the skin. The pigment is rather saturated, but not excessively bright. If the eyebrows have a good shape, you can use only mascara: for a full-fledged make-up it is enough to walk through the hairs once. It holds steadfastly: it is not smeared, even i..
  • CC Brow Silver Brow Paste 15 g

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    Features:- Allows you to create a flawless clear contour of the eyebrow at individual points on the face and fix it with applying paste- The area of staining remains inside the contour, protects the skin, which should not be colored, from the pigmenting effect of dyes- Demonstrates to the client the future shape of the eyebrows,..
  • CC BROW TINT- water-resistant, 10 ml

    Item Code: CCTINT

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Description: Waterpoof gel tint is created for eyebrows sculpting and colotration. Tint perfectly cover the eyebrows hair skin due to its mild consitence. Specialy developed composition provides extra color intensity and resistance even for oily skin.Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Please store it under ..
  • CC Brow Wax beans for eyebrows 30g.

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    Eyebrow correction with wax allows you to eliminate unwanted hairs, give the eyebrows a beautiful shape, make it smooth and attractive.Unlike eyebrow correction with tweezers or thread, wax eyebrow correction is faster and has several advantages:- long-term result (hairs will not grow for 2-5 weeks)- the possibility of use at ho..
  • CC Brow WAX Brow Strips - (8 -25 pcs.)

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    Availability: 2-3 Days

    CC Brow by Lucas Cosmetics, Wax Brow StripsFeatures:- Easy to apply- Suitable for sensitive skin- Professional resultThe set includes:- Strips for the area under the eyebrow- Strips for the area above the eyebrow- Strips for the area between the eyebrowsInstructions for use:1. Clean the skin from makeup and impurities.2. Divide ..
  • Eyebrow and lashes henna "CC Eyelash & Brow" (10gr.)


    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Eyebrow and eyelash henna give the hair a warm shade, emphasize natural color, suitable for sensitive eyes and skin.With the help of this tool, only hairs are painted without drying the skin.Usage: mix the required amount of paint with warm water until the mass of the paste is formed.After application, hold it for 20 to 60 ..
  • Eyebrow and lashes henna in box "CC Eyelash & Brow" (10gr.)
    9.80€ 14.00€

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    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Eyebrow and eyelash henna give the hair a warm shade, emphasize natural color, suitable for sensitive eyes and skin. With the help of this tool, only hairs are painted without drying the skin. Usage: mix the required amount of paint with warm water until the mass of the paste is formed. After application, hold it fo..
  • Lucas' Cosmetics Professional mixer (black)

    Item Code: LucasPKKM

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Mixer for mixing henna/paint/pigments (with batteries). This is a compact and convenient tool that will be useful for masters of the bio-industry when painting eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as masters of microblading and  tattooing. With a professional mixer you can quickly and easily mix henna/paint/pigment. When mixing ..